Contributions to OA Region 9

Methods of Payment to Region 9

OA Region 9 countries are wonderfully diverse. The easiest ways to make your group’s 7th Tradition contribution to OA Region 9 directly are given below.

If you are unable to send funds directly (in GBP) electronically or without fees, then you can often forward contributions to R9 through your Intergroup/National/Language Service Board who will collate it with other groups’ contributions before sending it on to us at OA Region 9. Check with your Service Body first to ensure they are able to do this for your group.

You may also send contributions intended for the World Service Office through OA Region 9. If your contribution, or a portion of your contribution, is intended for the World Service Office – please make clear the amount to be forwarded to the World Service Office on your group’s behalf.  Kindly note that Region 9 transfers funds to the World Service Office once a year, so your intended contribution WILL reach the World Service Office, but it may take some time.

When sending your contribution to OA Region 9 – please send an email to the OA Region 9 treasurer & banker ( & – giving the details of your group, and your group’s contribution. We appreciate your donations which we receive with gratitude. If you wish to have a receipt, please email, and the Banker will send you an email receipt.

The confirmation email to the Treasurer and Banker should include the following information:

  • Amount of contribution
  • Distribution of amount between Region 9 and the World Service Office (if necessary)
  • Name and number of your group or service body

The following are the methods available for payment to Region 9.

1. Region 9 GBP £ Bank Account

National Westminster Bank PLC
Beeston Branch
19 High Road

Sort Code 51 – 70 – 06
Account No 51756013

IBAN GB48 NWBK 5170 0651 7560 13

If you bank within the United Kingdom and are unable to deposit electronically – cheques can be made payable to  ‘OA Region 9’ and sent directly to the banker, whose postal address will be supplied  by e-mailing:

The Region 9 Banker will inform the Region 9 Treasurer of your group’s contribution (amount, group number, and email contact details) so that a receipt can be sent to your group.

2. If you do not bank in GBP

We suggest that you set up an international money transfer into the GBP Bank Account – shown above.

3. PayPal

Just click on the link below and make your payment via our PayPal account.   Please make sure to send the treasurer and banker a separate email so that we can identify the source of this contribute

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