Region 9 News and Announcements

Below is news and announcements from Region 9 and the World Service office. Click on each item to read the exciting things happening in Region 9.


3rd April 2024: Letter from the Treasurer

Dear Service Bodies of Overeaters Anonymous Region 9,


This letter is to remind you that Region 9’s budget year ends May 31, 2024. If you have not already done so, please forward your service body’s 2023-2024 Seventh Tradition contributions to Region 9 before then. 

Your contributions allow us to continue to fund projects which carry the message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers. 

We are excited to have the new OA Website live (OAREGION9.ORG). The website is fully translatable for most languages in our Region. (If your language is not supported, please let us know).

In addition, we continue to support funding service bodies who wish to send Delegates to the World Service Business Convention as well as a support fund for sending service body Representatives to OA Region 9 Assembly. We also help with translation of literature and publication of literature. Literature in the language of the member is a valuable tool for recovery.

We are grateful for all of the contributions received from service bodies and individual members that help support OA Region 9 members with these important projects.


Thank you for your service,

Ricki, Treasure OA Region 9

3rd April 2024: Information on Translation of OA Literature



The International Publications and Translations Committee has informed all the registered OA service bodies that have translated OA-approved literature into a language other than English and have received Licence-2 from the World Service Office that they can distribute and sell a digital PDF file, a print-on-demand file, and an e-book in the same way they sell a traditional print publication.

This is very important news because it gives us the opportunity to overcome the obstacles we had in the past to sell our OA literature in a digital format. Above all, in those countries, there are service bodies that are also non-profit legal entities.

We in Region 9 STRONGLY SUGGEST that you read the new Availability of Translated Literature letter in the Document Library of under the category “Translation” very carefully. On the one hand, the opportunity to serve our members better by selling them digital copies of our OA literature is enormous, but on the other hand, we must be particularly careful with regard to copyrights.

This means that we can sell and distribute our translated OA literature in a PDF file in the same way we do for our printed books, BUT the member who would buy this PDF file would be asked NOT to duplicate that file and NOT to forward it to another member, since this would be a violation to our Traditions, but most of all to the copyrights law. It is for personal use only.

Please do not hesitate to contact your trusted servants in Region 9 if you need more clarification or help.

As always, with love for our fellowship
Your Region 9 Board and Trustee Liaison with Region 9

3rd April 2024: Breaking News: World Service Office Introduces Multilingual Closed Captioning for Overeaters Anonymous Public Service Announcement!

Big news from the World Service Office about the Overeaters Anonymous public service announcement video.


The new Public Service Announcement (PSA) "OA has your back" now includes closed captioning in multiple languages.

You will continue to hear the voiceover in English. The first link below takes you to the PSA on Click on the "cc" button and you should see a drop-down menu of several languages. After you choose the language you want, that language will appear on the bottom of the screen.

The second link (on YouTube) requires more steps, I believe. Click on the "cc" button first. You should see a prompt that asks you to click on the settings button to choose the language you want.

Here are the links:


If you need Translations:

  • For subtitles in your language, Contact the World Service Office to get started.
  • In order to remake the Public Service Announcement video with a voice-over in your language, Contact the World Service Office to get started.
3rd April 2024: Breaking Language Barriers: Making Our Website Accessible to All

Breaking Language Barriers: Making Our Website Accessible to All


We are thrilled to announce a significant step towards fostering inclusivity within our community. With great pleasure, we inform you of our ongoing efforts to make our website accessible to all members, regardless of language barriers.

We have implemented user-friendly tools that enable seamless translation of our webpage. You can now do so effortlessly if you prefer to browse in English, Spanish, French, or one of 84 languages.

Here's how you can utilize this feature:

Navigate to our website translation page and choose your language from the list.
The content will now be translated into your selected language, allowing you to engage with our website comfortably.
By making our website accessible to speakers of various languages, we aim to promote unity and ensure everyone feels valued and included.

We encourage you to explore our website in your preferred language and provide us with feedback on your experience. Your input is invaluable as we continue to improve accessibility and inclusivity within Region 9.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to building a more connected and inclusive environment for all.

3rd April 2024: Introducing OA Rainbow: Unlocking the Power of Diversity

Introducing OA Rainbow: Unlocking the Power of Diversity

We have been asked to share the following information on behalf of OA Rainbow


In today's world, diversity and inclusivity are not just buzzwords but essential pillars of creating thriving communities. Recognizing this, we are thrilled to announce the launch of **OA Rainbow**, an LGBTQ-specific focus Service Body within OA.

Why Join OA Rainbow?

1. Preserving Identity: By becoming a part of OA Rainbow, your service body maintains its unique identity while contributing to a broader, more inclusive fellowship. We believe in the strength of diversity and aim to celebrate the individuality of each group within our community.

2. Supporting LGBTQ Members: OA Rainbow provides a platform for service bodies to demonstrate their commitment to supporting LGBTQ members. By joining, you actively contribute to creating a more welcoming environment for all members of the LGBTQ community.

3. Building Bridges: OA Rainbow aims to foster understanding and unity by connecting with diverse communities, sharing experiences, and working towards common goals. OA Rainbow serves as a bridge, connecting different groups and regions, ultimately strengthening our entire community.

What OA Rainbow Offers

1. Dedicated Resources: Access a comprehensive range of resources specifically tailored to LGBTQ issues, ensuring that your service body is well-equipped to address the unique needs of its LGBTQ members.

2. Training and Education: Receive specialized training to better understand LGBTQ experiences and create a more inclusive environment within your service body.

3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with other participating service bodies and meetings, share best practices, and collaborate on initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion.

How You Can Help

1. Share Expertise: Contribute your service body's unique insights to help us develop better resources and support for LGBTQ members.

2. Participate in Events: Engage in events, workshops, and assemblies to raise awareness and promote inclusivity within your service body.

3. Financial Support: Contribute to OA Rainbow through the 7th Tradition, ensuring that we can continue our mission of fostering a diverse and accepting fellowship.

Join Us in Creating a More Inclusive Future!

To register and inquire, please visit our website at or email at Together, let's unlock the power of diversity and create a more inclusive future for all members of OA.

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